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  • Famous Dragon Eye Black Melon Seeds


    Our Bestseller (Hot Favourite)

    These Premium Grade melon seeds are handpicked for their large size and thicker flesh.
    Lightly salted and roasted to perfection!

    Our customers really love the crispiness of the seeds !
    Popular; Highly Recommended !

    (Melon Seeds signifies Abundance 年年有余 and Many Descendents ! 多子多孙)



  • Traditional Five Spice Black Melon Seeds


    Roasted with 5 types of traditional spices and herbs,
    our Five Spice Melon Seeds are roasted the traditional, good old fashion way !

    (Melon Seeds signifies Abundance and Many Descendents !)



  • Taiwan Liquorice Black Melon Seeds


    Roasted with liquorice, this black melon seed has a gentle sweet aftertaste.

    (Melon Seeds signifies Abundance and Many Descendents !)



  • Hong Kong Style Red Melon Seeds


    This auspicious snack is a “must have” during the Chinese New Year Festive Season.
    Harvested only once a year, just in time for our festive celebration.
    Don’t miss this once a year product!

    (Melon Seeds signifies Abundance and Many Descendents !)



  • Walnut Groundnuts


    A marriage of Walnut and Groundnuts creates the most exciting and delicious combination:

    Walnut Groundnuts. Crunchy and savoury, the groundnuts taste really good and will have you reaching out for more!
    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)

    步步高升 !



  • Gula Melaka Sunflower Seeds


    One of our Bestsellers (Hot Favourite)

    The latest addition to our Yummy Family !

    The best Sunflower seeds are roasted to a crispy perfection with the most happening ingredient… Gula Melaka !!

    Ahhhh, this is simply out-of-this-world delicious, yummy, and not to mention, delightfully addictive ;)

    You will LOVE this !!! Yum Yum Yum



  • Lew Lian Sunflower Seeds

    Here’s a special concoction that will please all the Lew Lian lovers out there !
    The King of Fruits, Lew Lian — as we affectionately call it in Hokkien — has married the humble Sunflower Seeds to create a most beautifully fragrant snack that will please a Lew Lian lover’s taste buds! 
    You will be surprised at how this combination actually works and it is pleasantly tasty ! Haha !
    Yum Yum !
  • Orange Peel Sunflower Seeds


    We love to create new and interesting flavours that excite your senses and taste buds !

    Come try one of our newest addition: The Orange Peel Sunflower Seeds !
    It has a deliciously refreshing citrus taste that will pleasantly surprise you and have you reaching out for more ! More !

    Ahhhhhhh its really nice !!

  • Fragrant Sunflower Seeds


    These black & white striped seeds are outrageously popular!

    Bite into one and you will know why its so addictive !
    Delicious, fragrant and fun to eat, these yummy sunflower seeds provides excellent levels of B1 vitamin
    and has been promoted as one of the healthier snacks.

    Roasted just with a slight pinch of salt to retain its natural freshness.

    Great Snack !



  • Salted Caramel Sunflower Seeds


    A recently added new product to our sunflower family !

    These ivory coloured sunflower seeds are not only pretty to look at, they actually taste pretty good too !

    Slightly sweet and savoury at the same time, it is one snack you will find yourself reaching out for !



  • Good Luck Gift Box


    Great Gifting Idea !

    The Good Luck Gift Box

    features our hot favourites

    • Premium Dried Mango
    • Delightful Prune Slices
    • UFO Peanut Cracker
    • Melt in your mouth Kueh Bangkit
    • The Cutest Bag Ever
    • Packed in the prettiest Auspicious Gift Box and matching Paper Bag

    It is Good Luck to receive such a gift box !

    * Kindly note:

    (i) some items may be replaced with an equally delicious / of equal value product without any prior notification.

    (ii) Box & paper bag design may be changed to another different design without prior notice, but fret it, it will be just as auspicious and pretty as well !


    * Limited quantities available

  • The Happy Gift Box


    Great Gifting Idea !

    The Happy Gift Box

    A stylo milo selection (Singapore Local Favourites)

    The Happy Gift Box is an exciting gift box featuring 9 local flavoured snack mix that will have you smiling from the cuteness of it !

    Presenting Singapore’s famous local delights in a different light (in the form of a snack!):

    1. Singapore’s National Cake: Pandan Cake
    2. Famous Wanton Mee
    3. Katong Laksa
    4. Chop Chop Kali Pok
    5. Cuttlefish KangKong
    6. Mao Shan Wang
    7. Sambal Nasi Lemak
    8. Famous Big Prawn Mee
    9. Spicy Mala Hotpot
    10. Also included: The Cutest Bag Ever !!
      Printed with auspicious wordings for this CNY!
      Good for visiting, to carry mandarin oranges, and then, to bring back ang pows ;)))

    This super cute gift box will not just delight your taste buds, it will bring a smile to your faces !
    Friends will be definitely be very happy to receive this Happy Gift Box !!

    * Kindly note that some items may be replaced with an equally delicious and of equal value product without any prior notification.

    * Limited quantities available

  • Garlic Groundnuts



    Garlic lovers will simply adore this fragrant garlicky groundnut !
    Fresh garlic cloves are roasted together with these groundnuts, giving it a robust garlic flavour that will even drive the vampires away ! haha ! Delicious !

    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)

  • Spicy ! Prawn Roll


    Outrageously popular with our customers,

    our Spicy Prawn Roll is so good, its simply irresistable !

    Mini in size and individually wrapped by hand with quality dried shrimp and fragrant spicy sambal chilli,
    our prawn roll is one of our Bestsellers.

    Its spicy, crispy and be warned, its super addictive !
    It’s a Must Have, especially during the festive season !

    *** Our regulars come back year after year for this ! :)



  • Hae Bee Hiam Puff


    Come and Meet :Hae Bee Hiam Puff! Its New !!

    It looks like a curry puff, but its mini in size.

    It looks very much like a Kok Chai (Peanut Puff), but it has not peanuts inside.

    Instead, it is filled with the most fragrant and slightly spicy Hae Bee Hiam, like just our Spicy Prawn Roll.

    But yet it is not a Prawn Roll.

    The fragrance of the “curry puff” skin, eaten together with the delicious Hae Bee Hiam creates a most interesting mix of flavours that is sure to make your taste buds dance ! Ooh la la !

    Yes, its just like Curry Puff married Prawn Roll !!

  • The Spicier Prawn Roll


    We heard you !

    And so, we worked on our original, already delicious prawn roll recipe,

    added that bit more spiciness to it, to create that extra kick that you guys have been asking for !

    Ooh la la  ! Yum !


  • BBQ Cashew Nuts


    *YAY* It’s BACK !!!   Packing : 250g/pkt Crunchy coated cashew nuts complimented with a most delicious BBQ flavour, this is one snack you won’t want to miss ! This savory super snack is finally back in stock and is definitely a MUST TRY !!! (Shaped like an ingot, this super yummy nut is a…

  • Salted Caramel Cashew Nuts


    An exciting fusion of sweet caramel and sea salt,

    the cashew nuts are caramelised to a crunchy crystal like perfection.

    This savory sweet super snack is definitely a Must Try.

    One of our Bestsellers !
    (This ingot-shaped nut is a symbol of Wealth !)



  • Sichuan Mala Broadbean


    One of our Bestsellers !

    Bite into our Sichuan Mala Broadbean and you will feel that you are transported to Sichuan in China, the land of the numbling hotpots 麻辣香锅 !! Numblingly spicy and savoury crunchy all at once, ooh la la !

    You will love it ! Yum.



  • Chiku Chips (Arrowhead Chips)



    One of our Bestsellers!

    Our Famous Chiku Chips are thinly sliced and fried to a crispy perfection!

    These very addictive and crunchy chips are made from the bulbs of the arrowhead plant and only appear in the markets about a month before Chinese New Year! These seasonal starchy tubers have natural hint of sweetness in them, and with a texture very similar to potatoes, they are delicious when made into chips!

    NOTE CAUTION :Arrowhead are typically fragile & product may lose their appeal during shipping.




  • Seaweed Sticks


    Definitely a kids’ favourite !!!

    Crispy bitesized sticks in yummy seaweed flavour :)




  • BBQ Corn Pop (Jar)


    A kids’ favourite ! Popular item !

  • Fortune Cookies


    What is your fortune today?

    Get a pack of our fortune cookies and find out today !!

    Each cookie comes with a unique little note just for you :)

    Make it fun for your guests ! They will be most excited to see what’s their fortune for the day !

    10pcs per pack


  • Chicken Floss Roll


    Finally!! At Last !

    A mini spring roll that is not only great news for us adults (because it is so yummy), its even better news for the kids !

    A non spicy Chicken Floss Roll !   *YAY*

    Kids love this !! Yum !