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  • Preserved Lemon Slices


    New !

    Lemony taste, slightly sweet and sour too. Niceee





  • Sweet & Salty Prune

    Just thinking of it is mouth watering :))

    It is salty and slightly sweet, and seedless !

    Great to use to make a prune drink ! Just add warm water, and then add ice !

    Yummmmmyyy !



  • Rosebud Tea


    Rosebud tea has a mildly sweet taste and a lingering aftertaste that entices taste buds for minutes after each sip.

    A soothing cup for a relaxing evening or after a yoga session.














  • Baby Chrysanthemum Tea



    A delicate and sweet herbal tea made from young chrysanthemum flowers harvested just before blooming.

    Rich in nutrition and very smooth in flavor without any sharpness.

    Chrysanthemum tea is commonly accepted as a great health drink for its cooling and calming effect.










  • Roselle Tea



    Drinking rosella tea is said to calm the nerves and relax you.

    It is drunk by many people to improve digestion.

    Rosella tea quenches thirst and cools the body quickly.












  • Hawthorn Tea


    Hawthorn Tea has a pleasantly natural sweet and sour flavour that you will love, without any reliance on artificial flavouring and colouring.

    Regular consumption of Hawthorn tea is said to be beneficial for the heart and blood vessels and it might also help to balance one’s blood pressure.