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  • Spicy ! Prawn Roll


    Outrageously popular with our customers,

    our Spicy Prawn Roll is so good, its simply irresistable !

    Mini in size and individually wrapped by hand with quality dried shrimp and fragrant spicy sambal chilli,
    our prawn roll is one of our Bestsellers.

    Its spicy, crispy and be warned, its super addictive !
    It’s a Must Have, especially during the festive season !

    *** Our regulars come back year after year for this ! :)



  • Hae Bee Hiam Puff


    Come and Meet :Hae Bee Hiam Puff! Its New !!

    It looks like a curry puff, but its mini in size.

    It looks very much like a Kok Chai (Peanut Puff), but it has not peanuts inside.

    Instead, it is filled with the most fragrant and slightly spicy Hae Bee Hiam, like just our Spicy Prawn Roll.

    But yet it is not a Prawn Roll.

    The fragrance of the “curry puff” skin, eaten together with the delicious Hae Bee Hiam creates a most interesting mix of flavours that is sure to make your taste buds dance ! Ooh la la !

    Yes, its just like Curry Puff married Prawn Roll !!

  • The Spicier Prawn Roll


    We heard you !

    And so, we worked on our original, already delicious prawn roll recipe,

    added that bit more spiciness to it, to create that extra kick that you guys have been asking for !

    Ooh la la  ! Yum !


  • Chilli Crab Prawn Sticks


    Chilli Crab Prawn Sticks

    Our replica of Singapore’s favourite dish is simply delicious ! The crunch of the prawn sticks adds a new dimension to this ubiquitous Singapore dish ! A must try !

    Our Famous Prawn Sticks are made with real prawns and cut into long french fries like strips.

    Its finger licking good !!! LOVE it !

  • Famous Prawn Sticks


    Hot Favourite ! One of our Bestsellers !

    Crunchy french fries like prawn sticks that is sure to whet your appetite !

    Dip them into chilli sauce for that extra kick ! Yum.

    A huge hit with kids too !



  • Mala Famous Prawn Sticks


    Mala Prawn Sticks

    Our Famous Prawn Sticks are made with real prawns and cut into long french fries like strips. Add our new Mala flavour to our already finger licking good prawn sticks and you have another winner !!!

    Lovers of spicy Mala Hotpot will find this just as delicious as an actual Mala Hotpot ! The spiciness and numbing flavours are definitely on point :) yum yum yum

    We just LOVE it !!

  • Tom Yum Flying Fish


    Sawadeeka !

    Don’t we all miss Thailand and all her yummy delicious sweet and spicy food?

    Here comes a hot favourite that is sure to satisfy your cravings !

    Our famous Flying Fish dressed in a most delectable tangy, sweet and spicy sauce.

    Yum. You will love it :)



  • Big Prawn Noodle




    Big Prawn Noodle in its yummiest form !

    Savoury, and with the sweetness of prawns, our version of the Big Prawn Noodle definitely has umami !!!
    Power sia ! (pun intended)

    Great for snacking ! Yum Yum Yum !!!

    (Prawns signify 哈哈大笑 ! 天天开心!)

    NOTE CAUTION :This product is fragile & may lose its visual appeal during shipping.

  • Crispy Crabsticks



    Crabsticks, fried to a crispy perfection, are absolutelyyyy delicioussssss !!!
    Savoury, with a hint of sweetness from the crabstick, these crunchy crabsticks definitely has umami power !!!

    A very popular snack, with many returning customers !
    Kids love it too :)

    Yummyyyy !!!

    NOTE CAUTION :This product is fragile & may lose its visual appeal during shipping.




  • Curry Crabsticks




    Crabsticks, first marinated with fragrant curry spices, chilli and curry leaves… and then fried to a crispy perfection!

    Ohh la la, its savoury, slightly spicy and very very tasty !!! Great for snacking ! Yum!

    NOTE CAUTION :This product is fragile & may lose its visual appeal during shipping.

  • Salted Egg Fish Skin


    This ever popular concoction has a strong following !

    Savoury salted egg with crispy fish skin — yum :)

    NOTE CAUTION : Product are typically fragile & product may lose their appeal during shipping.

  • Shredded Cuttlefish


    Chewy and tasty is our Shredded Cuttlefish.

    Many customers come in search for this tasty jaw exercising snack !

    Great with beer too ;)



  • Chunky Cuttlefish (longer strips)


    Its thick and chunky, yet the bite is firm, tender and chewy all at once !

    The chunky cuttlefish appeals to those who prefers more bite !

    A tinge of spiciness elevates the flavour the a whole new level.  Yum !


    Packing : 150g/pkt

  • Chilli Cuttlefish


    Old School Snack !

    Fresh and made the traditional old fashion way, our sweet, hot & spicy cuttlefish is simply addictive !
    You just can’t stop at one bite!



  • Lemon Cuttlefish


    Lemons are not just used to make lemonades!
    Add them to our cuttlefish and these lemon infused cuttlefish snack brings back memories from the good old days.


  • Crunchy Ikan Bilis


    NEW addition !

    Crunchy and mildly spicy ikan bilis, great as a snack !

    We say its simply FINtastic !

  • Sotong Crunchies



    Take a bite of this Crunchy Sotong and you will loveeee it !

    Deliciously crunchyyy with a taste of BBQ Sotong flavour, these crunchies are going to be very popular with your guests !

    Its savoury ! Its slightly spicy ! Its sweet !

    Kids love it too !!!

    And its a perfect snack when watching Netflix !