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  • BBQ Cashew Nuts


    *YAY* It’s BACK !!!   Packing : 250g/pkt Crunchy coated cashew nuts complimented with a most delicious BBQ flavour, this is one snack you won’t want to miss ! This savory super snack is finally back in stock and is definitely a MUST TRY !!! (Shaped like an ingot, this super yummy nut is a…

  • Salted Caramel Cashew Nuts


    An exciting fusion of sweet caramel and sea salt,

    the cashew nuts are caramelised to a crunchy crystal like perfection.

    This savory sweet super snack is definitely a Must Try.

    One of our Bestsellers !
    (This ingot-shaped nut is a symbol of Wealth !)



  • Sweets for my Sweet :)


    Sweets for your little ones

    Something for the little cutie pies in our lives !! They are so cute and precious !   :)

    Kids just love Chinese New Year ! This sweets goodie pack is sure to bring on the brightest smiles from the little ones !

  • Seaweed Sticks


    Definitely a kids’ favourite !!!

    Crispy bitesized sticks in yummy seaweed flavour :)




  • BBQ Corn Pop (Jar)


    A kids’ favourite ! Popular item !

  • Chicken Floss Roll


    Finally!! At Last !

    A mini spring roll that is not only great news for us adults (because it is so yummy), its even better news for the kids !

    A non spicy Chicken Floss Roll !   *YAY*

    Kids love this !! Yum !



  • Chilli Crab Prawn Sticks


    Chilli Crab Prawn Sticks

    Our replica of Singapore’s favourite dish is simply delicious ! The crunch of the prawn sticks adds a new dimension to this ubiquitous Singapore dish ! A must try !

    Our Famous Prawn Sticks are made with real prawns and cut into long french fries like strips.

    Its finger licking good !!! LOVE it !

  • Famous Prawn Sticks


    Hot Favourite ! One of our Bestsellers !

    Crunchy french fries like prawn sticks that is sure to whet your appetite !

    Dip them into chilli sauce for that extra kick ! Yum.

    A huge hit with kids too !



  • Mala Famous Prawn Sticks


    Mala Prawn Sticks

    Our Famous Prawn Sticks are made with real prawns and cut into long french fries like strips. Add our new Mala flavour to our already finger licking good prawn sticks and you have another winner !!!

    Lovers of spicy Mala Hotpot will find this just as delicious as an actual Mala Hotpot ! The spiciness and numbing flavours are definitely on point :) yum yum yum

    We just LOVE it !!

  • Wheel Cracker


    Classic Wheel Cracker

    A classic snack that we ate since young !

    The kids love it, and actually, so do the adults !! :)

    Brings back precious memories of when we were young…

  • Sweet Crispy Banana Chips


    An All Time Favourite for the young and old !
    Crispy and slightly sweet Banana Chips.

    Yum Yum. Loveee it !




  • Crispy Crabsticks



    Crabsticks, fried to a crispy perfection, are absolutelyyyy delicioussssss !!!
    Savoury, with a hint of sweetness from the crabstick, these crunchy crabsticks definitely has umami power !!!

    A very popular snack, with many returning customers !
    Kids love it too :)

    Yummyyyy !!!

    NOTE CAUTION :This product is fragile & may lose its visual appeal during shipping.




  • Cutie Pie’s Favourite



    Cutie Pie’s Favourite ! The Gummies Candy Tray  !

    A mini Gummies candy tray with a selection that is most pleasing to your little cuties! They will LOVE IT!

    You will be glad to know that these candies actually taste as good as they look !!

    ENJOY !  新年快乐 !甜甜蜜蜜 !

  • Fortune Candy Tray


    Wonderful candy tray with the yummiest selection of snacks and sweets !

    Good for gifting — very presentable !

    Good for serving your own guests too !

    You will be glad to know that the candies and snacks actually taste as good as they look !!

    Individually wrapped for free and easy feasting !

    ENJOY ! 新年快乐 !

  • Gummies Candy Tray



    Gummies Candy Tray — Kids Love it !

    A mini Gummies candy tray with a selection that is most pleasing to your little guests! They will LOVE IT!

    You will be glad to know that these candies actually taste as good as they look !!

    ENJOY !  新年快乐 !甜甜蜜蜜 !

  • Nonya Love Letters


    Nonya Love Letters

    We present to you our original love letters for those who like 原味 love letters!

    This ubiquitous chinese new year love letters are roasted to a thin and crispy perfection. Yum !

    (This is product is suitable for vegetarians)



    This product is fragile. It may lose its visual appeal during the shipping progress.

  • Kueh Bahulu [Soft]


    烤小鸡蛋糕 Kueh Bahulu [soft]

    Bestseller. Hot Favourite.

    The endearing taste of the soft Kueh Bahulu would just bring back us to our childhood days.

    Freshly baked with a slight sweet fragrance that would tempt just everyone !

    Dainty, soft, light and spongy, with a slightly tender and moist exterior.

    Tthis soft version of the Kueh Bahulu has a strong following too !

    You will love it. Very Nice :)))

    Product size: 350g

    To be consumed within one month

  • Kueh Bangkit – Coconut



    Traditionally made. Old School Snack.

    Light and crumbly coconut cream cookies that melts in your mouth.

    These fragrant Kueh Bangkit are a Chinese New Year favourite!

    * Do note that the kueh bangkit comes in assorted shapes and sizes, and so it may be slightly different from what is pictured here, but fret not, the taste is just as yum!



  • Korean Fried Chicken Crunchies


    Annyeong !

    Presenting Korean Fried Chicken in the cutest form ever !!

    It’s going to create so much pleasure to bite into our cute bite sized crunchies !

    Our special recipe gives a thin crispy crunch with a taste that is definitely finger licking good!

    Perfect to munch on when bingeing on Korean dramas !


  • Lightly Salted Peanuts


    Delicately roasted with a pinch of salt.
    These nuts are freshly roasted and made the traditional old fashion way.
    Try and you will find them simply extraordinary.

    Simple but delicious.

  • Sotong Crunchies



    Take a bite of this Crunchy Sotong and you will loveeee it !

    Deliciously crunchyyy with a taste of BBQ Sotong flavour, these crunchies are going to be very popular with your guests !

    Its savoury ! Its slightly spicy ! Its sweet !

    Kids love it too !!!

    And its a perfect snack when watching Netflix !

  • The Kacang Puteh Mix


    The Kacang Puteh Mix

    What a wonderful assortment of Kacang Puteh Nuts and more !

    There is definitely a special variety mix that will please every taste bud! No time to feel bored when the mix is this good ! YUM !

    Great as a party snack as you chat with your friends, nice to munch on as you relax in front of the TV and, its goes well with beer !

    It’s a simple but delicious mix.
    Our Special Mix.

    Packing : 230g/pkt

  • Dried Philippines Mango


    The fragrance of mango in every bite…

    mmmm, sooo yummy !   We love it !!

    (This mango is lower in sugar level)

    *Please refrigerate to keep product fresh and happy!




  • Hawthorn Cubes


    What we ate when we were young…

    No fanciful gummies, no lollipops, just hawthorn candies that brings a smile to little kids faces when they get to eat it !

    This is an old school sweet made into a cube, every bite of it brings back all the precious memories when we were young and the days are super duper fun ! Playing with marbles, five stones, chatek, zero point, climbing trees….. :))

    We still love this old school sweet even though we are all grown up ! Time to let the younger generation taste this piece of yummy history too !