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  • BBQ Cashew Nuts


    *YAY* It’s BACK !!! Crunchy coated cashew nuts complimented with a most delicious BBQ flavour, this is one snack you won’t want to miss ! This savory super snack is finally back in stock and is definitely a MUST TRY !!! (Shaped like an ingot, this super yummy nut is a symbol of Wealth !)…

  • Salted Caramel Cashew Nuts


    An exciting fusion of sweet caramel and sea salt,

    the cashew nuts are caramelised to a crunchy crystal like perfection.

    This savory sweet super snack is definitely a Must Try.

    One of our Bestsellers !
    (This ingot-shaped nut is a symbol of Wealth !)



  • Sour Cream Cashew Nuts


    *YAY* It’s BACK !!!

    An exciting fusion of sour cream with crunchy coated cashew nuts, this must be the ultimate in snack perfection !

    This savory super snack is finally back in stock and is definitely a MUST HAVE !!!

    It is our No. 1 Bestseller !

    (Shaped like an ingot, this super yummy nut is a symbol of Wealth !)

    This is a MUST TRY for those who hasn’t tried it :) You will love it !

  • Our Famous Love Letters



    Traditionally made. Old School Chinese New Year snack.

    Made with the finest ingredients and made the old traditional way.

    Our love letters are yummy.

    Check out them out !

    Oh, and yessss, they are better than the lovey dovey ones ;)



  • Sweets for my Sweet :)


    Sweets for your little ones

    Something for the little cutie pies in our lives !! They are so cute and precious !   :)

    Kids just love Chinese New Year ! This sweets goodie pack is sure to bring on the brightest smiles from the little ones !

  • Seaweed Sticks


    Definitely a kids’ favourite !!!

    Crispy bitesized sticks in yummy seaweed flavour :)




  • BBQ Corn Pop (Jar)


    A kids’ favourite ! Popular item !

  • Chicken Floss Samosas



    A cute mini samosa that is not only great news for us adults (because it is so yummy), its even better news for the kids !

    A non spicy Chicken Floss snack that is savoury and very delicious!   *YAY*

    Kids love this !! Yum !



  • Famous Prawn Sticks


    Hot Favourite ! One of our Bestsellers !

    Crunchy french fries like prawn sticks that is sure to whet your appetite !

    Dip them into chilli sauce for that extra kick ! Yum.

    A huge hit with kids too !



  • Crispy Banana Chips


    An All Time Favourite for the young and old !
    Crispy and slightly sweet Banana Chips.

    Yum Yum. Loveee it !




  • Crispy Crabsticks



    Crabsticks, fried to a crispy perfection, is a delicious savoury snack !

    Popular with kids too :)

    NOTE CAUTION :This product is fragile & may lose its visual appeal during shipping.



  • Honey Kueh Bahulu (soft)


    烤小鸡蛋糕 Honey Bahulu

    Bestseller. Hot Favourite.

    The enduring taste of the Honey Kueh Bahulu would just bring back us to our childhood days.

    Freshly baked with a sligh sweet fragrance that would tempt just everyone !

    This has been a Hot Favourite amongst our customers and it is a good tea time snack !

    To be consume within one month

    You will love it. Very Nice :)))



  • Kueh Bangkit – Coconut



    Traditionally made. Old School Snack.

    Light and crumbly coconut cream cookies that melts in your mouth.

    These fragrant Kueh Bangkit are a Chinese New Year favourite!

    * Do note that the kueh bangkit comes in assorted shapes and sizes, and so it may be slightly different from what is pictured here, but fret not, the taste is just as yum!



  • Lightly Salted Peanuts


    Delicately roasted with a pinch of salt.
    These nuts are freshly roasted and made the traditional old fashion way.
    Try and you will find them simply extraordinary.

    Simple but delicious.

  • Fortune Cat Marshmallow Candy Basket



    Beautifully presented in the prettiest basket and the prettiest wrapper!

    Good for gifting ! Good to display in your own place for your guests !

    You will be glad to know that it actually tastes as good as it looks !! Kids love it !

    Individually wrapped for free and easy feasting !

    yay !



  • Dried Philippines Mango


    The fragrance of mango in every bite…

    mmmm, sooo yummy !   We love it !!

    (This mango is lower in sugar level)

    *Please refrigerate to keep product fresh and happy!




  • Roasted Melon Seeds Kernel


    Dry Roasted to a perfection,

    these melon seeds kernals taste good on their own,

    or sprinkle them on salads to perk up the greens !

    Great for kids too !

    A great Gift for the health conscious !



  • Kong Teng



    Traditionally made. Old School Snack.

    This old school peanut candy wins over our heart without fail every single time !

    Soft, crunchy and flaky all at the same time !

    You will love it !!

    One of our Bestsellers



  • Melt In Your Mouth Peanut Cup



    Traditionally made. Old School Snack.

    First of all, YES, it will melt in your mouth :)

    Peanuts are first roasted to a fragrant perfection, then painstakingly grinded to a fine powder before being pressed into tiny cups.

    Its really yummy :)  we love them !

    Another one of our favourites when we were young…





  • Melon Seed Opener


    *WOW* what a GREAT invention !

    The melon seed opener is here to help those who needs it ! Great for older folks and young children ! Ah, happiness !!

    ***** Good to know ***


    Alternatively, instead of purchasing the melon seed opener, we have an ongoing promotion :

    For every 1kg of black melon seeds that you purchase, you will get a melon seed opener FREE !

    wow, YAY again !!



  • The Cutest Bag Ever


    The Cutest Bag Ever

    Oh what a cuteee bag !!! Its the cutest ever !!!

    Printed with auspicious wordings for this CNY !!

    We LOVEEEE it !!!

    Good to bring out when visiting, to carry mandarin oranges, and then, to bring back the ang pows ;)