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  • Orange Peel Groundnuts


    We dream up delicious fusion of ingredients to create new and exciting flavours that excite your senses and taste buds!

    Light and refreshing, these groundnuts exudes a beautiful yet faint orange peel fragrance that is truly one of a kind!
    The citrus taste is delightfully delicious! Yum !

    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)

    步步高升 !



  • Shandong Groundnuts


    These enormous sized groundnuts are cooked with a secret fermented beancurd (南乳)recipe, giving them a beautiful fragrance that is super delicious !

    Shandong Groundnuts is a classic, making them an all time favourite amongst customers.
    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)



  • Orange Peel Sunflower Seeds


    We love to create new and interesting flavours that excite your senses and taste buds !

    Come try one of our newest addition: The Orange Peel Sunflower Seeds !
    It has a deliciously refreshing citrus taste that will pleasantly surprise you and have you reaching out for more ! More !

    Ahhhhhhh its really nice !!

  • Kiam Sng Tee Entertaining Platter


    Kiam Sng Tee (Preserved Fruits)
    Entertaining Platter

    Entertain your guests with the most mouth watering snacks ! Kiam Sng Tee ! (咸酸甜 Salty Sour Sweet)

    This is sure to whet their appetite for the many other snacks that you have prepared for them !!

    This Platter is also good for gifting :)

    Your friends and relatives will be most delighted with such a gift !!

    * Kindly note that some items may be replaced with an equally delicious and of equal value product without any prior notification.

    * Limited quantities available

  • Mystery Box


    Who loves surprises ?

    Try our value loaded Mystery Box and get EXCITED !!!

    Have some fun when unboxing it !!

    Value of the snacks in the mystery box exceeds $120 !!! WOW !!!

  • Garlic Groundnuts



    Garlic lovers will simply adore this fragrant garlicky groundnut !
    Fresh garlic cloves are roasted together with these groundnuts, giving it a robust garlic flavour that will even drive the vampires away ! haha ! Delicious !

    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)

  • Sichuan Mala Broadbean


    One of our Bestsellers !

    Bite into our Sichuan Mala Broadbean and you will feel that you are transported to Sichuan in China, the land of the numbling hotpots 麻辣香锅 !! Numblingly spicy and savoury crunchy all at once, ooh la la !

    You will love it ! Yum.



  • Tempeh Chips


    Healthy and Happy Snacking !

    Tempeh chips are made from fermented soybeans and have emerged as a popular choice for those who want a healthier snack packed with many health benefits !

    Tempeh chips are rich in plant based protein, high in fiber, low in cholesterol and packed with nutrients!

    A satisfying and delicious snack that can be enjoyed guilt-free!

    * Note: Product is highly fragile and is likely to break into smaller pieces during the shipping process*
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Alternatively, you may wish to purchase this product at our temporary retail outlets (Temporary Booths at Taka, Vivo, and Nex) during the Chinese New Year 2024 Promotion to select your choice jars. Whilst Stocks Last.

  • Famous Prawn Sticks


    Hot Favourite ! One of our Bestsellers !

    Crunchy french fries like prawn sticks that is sure to whet your appetite !

    Dip them into chilli sauce for that extra kick ! Yum.

    A huge hit with kids too !



  • Wheel Cracker


    Classic Wheel Cracker

    A classic snack that we ate since young !

    The kids love it, and actually, so do the adults !! :)

    Brings back precious memories of when we were young…

  • Sichuan Mala Hotpot


    Tiltilate your tastebuds with this most exciting dish on the menu !

    Savour the spicy and numbing broad bean with green peas and spicy noodles !

    It is a dish not to be missed !

    You will be shouting for more ! more !

    Ooh la la ;)



  • Dragon King Salted Egg Cookies



    This is a Must Have for the Dragon Year !!
    The Salted Egg Dragon King Cookies are delicately beautiful.

    These cookies exudes a beautiful buttery fragrance like no other, with a hint of saltiness and sweetness as you bite into it, and it melts in your mouth !
    It is one irresistible Chinese New Year delicacy that you must try !!

    Jin Ho Chiak !!

    NOTE CAUTION :This product is fragile & may lose its visual appeal during shipping.

  • Traditional Green Peas Cookies



    These Green Peas cookies are made the old fashion way !

    Once roasted, they taste slightly smoky and are extremelyyyy fragrant!
    Savoury and sweet, the taste is definitely delicious !

    Ho Chiak !!

    A great alternative for those with nut allergies.

    NOTE CAUTION :This product is fragile & may lose its visual appeal during shipping.

  • Salted Egg Fish Skin


    This ever popular concoction has a strong following !

    Savoury salted egg with crispy fish skin — yum :)

    NOTE CAUTION : Product are typically fragile & product may lose their appeal during shipping.

  • Wasabi Peanuts


    NEW addition !

    Konnichiwa !

    Missing Japan and the food?

    Here’s something to fill you up in the meantime ! Hot wasabi peanuts !

    It’s good :)




  • Peanut Puffs



    Traditionally made. Old School Snack.

    Kok Chye (Mini Peanut Puffs) are a traditional Chinese New Year snack prepared to symbolize abundant wealth.

    Sweet and crunchy with a delicious peanut filling.

    You want this !!



  • Kueh Bahulu [Soft]


    烤小鸡蛋糕 Kueh Bahulu [soft]

    Bestseller. Hot Favourite.

    The endearing taste of the soft Kueh Bahulu would just bring back us to our childhood days.

    Freshly baked with a slight sweet fragrance that would tempt just everyone !

    Dainty, soft, light and spongy, with a slightly tender and moist exterior.

    Tthis soft version of the Kueh Bahulu has a strong following too !

    You will love it. Very Nice :)))

    Product size: 350g

    To be consumed within one month

  • Chunky Cuttlefish (longer strips)


    Its thick and chunky, yet the bite is firm, tender and chewy all at once !

    The chunky cuttlefish appeals to those who prefers more bite !

    A tinge of spiciness elevates the flavour the a whole new level.  Yum !


    Packing : 150g/pkt

  • Chilli Cuttlefish


    Old School Snack !

    Fresh and made the traditional old fashion way, our sweet, hot & spicy cuttlefish is simply addictive !
    You just can’t stop at one bite!



  • Lemon Cuttlefish


    Lemons are not just used to make lemonades!
    Add them to our cuttlefish and these lemon infused cuttlefish snack brings back memories from the good old days.


  • Sotong Crunchies



    Take a bite of this Crunchy Sotong and you will loveeee it !

    Deliciously crunchyyy with a taste of BBQ Sotong flavour, these crunchies are going to be very popular with your guests !

    Its savoury ! Its slightly spicy ! Its sweet !

    Kids love it too !!!

    And its a perfect snack when watching Netflix !

  • Beh Teh Sor



    Traditionally made. Old School Snack.

    An old time favourite, you will love our version of this !!

    Fragrant and sticky candy in a flaky pastry, its simply old school and very delicious !!



  • Chen Pi Mei (Seedless Plum)



    陈皮梅 (seedless)

    Love this old school preserved plum :)

  • White Peaches


    One of our Bestsellers ! Highly recommended !!

    Sour and slightly sweet,

    these peach wedges are extremely yummy to bite into !

    Love the 口感 !