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  • Black Pearl Groundnuts


    Stocks will be available mid Jan 2024

    This rare dark skin kernal surprises and pleases the senses with an extraordinary natural and light sweet taste.
    Roasted with shell in tact to preserve the kernal’s natural freshess and sweetness.
    Its our Bestseller ! Truly. Fragrant. Groundnuts.
    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)



  • Striped Groundnuts


    Year of the Tiger — YOU MUST HAVE THIS !

    These rare peanut kernals has surprised many with its unique tiger like stripes !

    Its fragrant peanut butter taste has won over many nut lovers.
    We recommend you try it — you will love it !!

    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)



  • Orange Peel Groundnuts


    We dream up delicious fusion of ingredients to create new and exciting flavours that excite your senses and taste buds!

    Light and refreshing, these groundnuts exudes a beautiful yet faint orange peel fragrance that is truly one of a kind!
    The citrus taste is delightfully delicious! Yum !

    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)

    步步高升 !



  • Shandong Groundnuts


    These enormous sized groundnuts are cooked with a secret fermented beancurd (南乳)recipe, giving them a beautiful fragrance that is super delicious !

    Shandong Groundnuts is a classic, making them an all time favourite amongst customers.
    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)



  • Walnut Groundnuts


    A marriage of Walnut and Groundnuts creates the most exciting and delicious combination:

    Walnut Groundnuts. Crunchy and savoury, the groundnuts taste really good and will have you reaching out for more!
    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)

    步步高升 !



  • Garlic Groundnuts



    Garlic lovers will simply adore this fragrant garlicky groundnut !
    Fresh garlic cloves are roasted together with these groundnuts, giving it a robust garlic flavour that will even drive the vampires away ! haha ! Delicious !

    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)