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  • Famous Dragon Eye Black Melon Seeds


    Our Bestseller (Hot Favourite)

    These Premium Grade melon seeds are handpicked for its large size and thicker flesh.
    Lightly salted and roasted to perfection.
    Popular & Highly Recommended !

    (Melon Seeds signifies Abundance and Many Descendents ! 多子多孙)



  • Black Pearl Groundnuts



    This rare dark skin kernal surprises and pleases the senses with an extraordinary natural and light sweet taste.
    Roasted with shell in tact to preserve the kernal’s natural freshess and sweetness.
    Its our Bestseller ! Truly. Fragrant. Groundnuts.
    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)



  • Striped Groundnuts


    Year of the Tiger — YOU MUST HAVE THIS !

    These rare peanut kernals has surprised many with its unique tiger like stripes !

    Its fragrant peanut butter taste has won over many nut lovers.
    We recommend you try it — you will love it !!

    (Groundnuts are a symbol of Longevity.)



  • Gula Melaka Sunflower Seeds


    One of our Bestsellers (Hot Favourite)

    The latest addition to our Yummy Family !

    The best Sunflower seeds are roasted to a crispy perfection with the most happening ingredient… Gula Melaka !!

    Ahhhh, this is simply out-of-this-world delicious, yummy, and not to mention, delightfully addictive ;)

    You will LOVE this !!! Yum Yum Yum



  • Spicy ! Prawn Roll


    Outrageously popular with our customers,

    our Spicy Prawn Roll is so good, its simply irresistable !

    Mini in size and individually wrapped by hand with quality dried shrimp and fragrant spicy sambal chilli,
    our prawn roll is one of our Bestsellers.

    Its spicy, crispy and be warned, its super addictive !
    It’s a Must Have, especially during the festive season !

    *** Our regulars come back year after year for this ! :)



  • The Spicier Prawn Roll


    We heard you !

    And so, we worked on our original, already delicious prawn roll recipe,

    added that bit more spiciness to it, to create that extra kick that you guys have been asking for !

    Ooh la la  ! Yum !


  • BBQ Cashew Nuts


    *YAY* It’s BACK !!!   Packing : 250g/pkt  |  320g/Jar Crunchy coated cashew nuts complimented with a most delicious BBQ flavour, this is one snack you won’t want to miss ! This savory super snack is finally back in stock and is definitely a MUST TRY !!! (Shaped like an ingot, this super yummy nut…

  • Salted Caramel Cashew Nuts


    An exciting fusion of sweet caramel and sea salt,

    the cashew nuts are caramelised to a crunchy crystal like perfection.

    This savory sweet super snack is definitely a Must Try.

    One of our Bestsellers !
    (This ingot-shaped nut is a symbol of Wealth !)



  • Sichuan Mala Broadbean


    One of our Bestsellers !

    Bite into our Sichuan Mala Broadbean and you will feel that you are transported to Sichuan in China, the land of the numbling hotpots 麻辣香锅 !! Numblingly spicy and savoury crunchy all at once, ooh la la !

    You will love it ! Yum.



  • Premium Pistachios


    开心果。The name says it all :  “Happiness Fruit”.
    California pistachios roasted to a crunchy perfection, in its natural state.

    We have very good pistachios. Its a favourite of many regular customers!

    笑口常开 !

  • Chiku Chips (Arrowhead Chips)


    One of our Bestsellers !

    Crispy and delicious !


    NOTE CAUTION :Arrowhead are typically fragile & product may lose their appeal during shipping.



  • Famous Prawn Sticks


    Hot Favourite ! One of our Bestsellers !

    Crunchy french fries like prawn sticks that is sure to whet your appetite !

    Dip them into chilli sauce for that extra kick ! Yum.

    A huge hit with kids too !



  • Emping Pedas


    Restock 18th March 2022

    Hot favourite ! One of our Bestsellers !

    Sweet, spicy and crunchy. You will love to bite into this one!

    Its totally delicious ! We love it !!

    You will love it too :)



  • Sichuan Mala Hotpot


    Tiltilate your tastebuds with this most exciting dish on the menu !

    Savour the spicy and numbing broad bean with green peas and spicy noodles !

    It is a dish not to be missed !

    You will be shouting for more ! more !

    Ooh la la ;)



  • Tom Yum Soup


    Sawadeeka !

    Who misses Thailand ?

    Be transported to the land of smiles when you bite into this spicy, sweet, sour and crunchy mix !

    Made up of interesting bites of tangy and spicy flying fish, ikan bilis, cashew nuts and peanuts, you will love our version of this ubiquitous Thai dish !


  • Tom Yum Flying Fish


    Sawadeeka !

    Don’t we all miss Thailand and all her yummy delicious sweet and spicy food?

    Here comes a hot favourite that is sure to satisfy your cravings !

    Our famous Flying Fish dressed in a most delectable tangy, sweet and spicy sauce.

    Yum. You will love it :)



  • Crispy Crabsticks



    Crabsticks, fried to a crispy perfection, is a delicious savoury snack !

    Popular with kids too :)

    NOTE CAUTION :This product is fragile & may lose its visual appeal during shipping.



  • Salted Egg Fish Skin


    This ever popular concoction has a strong following !

    Savoury salted egg with crispy fish skin — yum :)

    NOTE CAUTION : Product are typically fragile & product may lose their appeal during shipping.

  • Crispy Lotus Root Chips



    Thinly sliced and fried to a perfect crisp, these lotus root chips are sure to whet your appetite !

    Yummy snack and great to serve as an appetizer too !

    NOTE CAUTION :This product is fragile and may lose its visual appeal during shipping.



  • Fortune Candy Tray


    Wonderful candy tray with the yummiest selection of snacks and sweets !

    Good for gifting — very presentable !

    Good for serving your own guests too !

    You will be glad to know that the candies and snacks actually taste as good as they look !!

    Individually wrapped for free and easy feasting !

    ENJOY ! 新年快乐 !

  • Peanut Puffs



    Traditionally made. Old School Snack.

    Kok Chye (Mini Peanut Puffs) are a traditional Chinese New Year snack prepared to symbolize abundant wealth.

    Sweet and crunchy with a delicious peanut filling.

    You want this !!



  • Kueh Bahulu [soft]

    烤小鸡蛋糕 Kueh Bahulu [soft]

    Bestseller. Hot Favourite.

    The enduring taste of the soft Kueh Bahulu would just bring back us to our childhood days.

    Freshly baked with a slight sweet fragrance that would tempt just everyone !

    This has been a Hot Favourite amongst our customers and it is a good tea time snack !

    To be consume within one month

    You will love it. Very Nice :)))



  • Rice Crispy



    Traditionally made. Old School Snack.

    Traditionally available only during festive season.

    These popped rice treats represents a year of wealth & prosperity.

    Crispy &  slightly chewy at the same time, it’s loved by adults & children alike.


  • Kueh Bangkit – Coconut



    Traditionally made. Old School Snack.

    Light and crumbly coconut cream cookies that melts in your mouth.

    These fragrant Kueh Bangkit are a Chinese New Year favourite!

    * Do note that the kueh bangkit comes in assorted shapes and sizes, and so it may be slightly different from what is pictured here, but fret not, the taste is just as yum!